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"Lessons From Esther"
"Lessons From Esther"
In the book of Esther we encounter an arrogant and self-willed king who throws a 187 day banquet to prove his own vanity and set the stage for his political agenda. Nearing the end of this seemingly successful feast, Ahasuerus orders his wife (Queen Vashti) to unveil herself before his royal guests. While placed in the toughest of circumstances, she remains true to her convictions. Join us this coming Sunday as we begin a study from the book of Esther.

Never Give Up!

Weekly Devotional
What Does It Mean to be a Christian
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Jeremiah 48-49
2 Timothy 4
Psalms 95:1-96:13
Proverbs 26:9-12
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Oct 26 Sunday Evening Worship Church Building
Oct 26 Sunday Morning Worship Church Building
Oct 26 Sunday Bible Class Church Building
Nov 9 Hefner Retirement Center 7700 W Hefner Rd